Policies and Procedures

Please read the following policies and procedures carefully.  The Riverside EpiCenter, LLC is referred to as Riverside EpiCenter or EpiCenter.

Administrative Service Fee
Effective June 20, 2018, any events hosted in or with Riverside EpiCenter will carry a non-refundable Administrative Service Fee attached to the grand total of your event as listed on your contract. This fee covers various administrative and merchant-related costs paid by Riverside EpiCenter, LLC. This is a mandatory fee and may not be waived for any reason.  

Riverside EpiCenter may be used for meetings, conferences, productions, banquets, training, parties, and similar uses that are consistent with building functionality and quality of the facility. No use shall be made of Riverside EpiCenter that would constitute a violation of federal, state, or local law or ordinance. The EpiCenter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether proposed uses of the EpiCenter fall within its allowed activities.

Addendum Invoices
Addendum documents may be rendered to reflect additional services requested by the client with a member of the events or sales team for the event. All addendum invoices must be paid in full a minimum of one business day prior to event load-in.

Alcoholic Beverages
Riverside EpiCenter does not sell alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages are permissible for private contracted events. All alcohol must be delivered during rental hours in sealed containers. Unconsumed alcoholic beverages must be removed by the end of the event. Riverside EpiCenter employees and contractors are not permitted to handle or consume alcoholic beverages on Riverside EpiCenter grounds.

Requirements for Alcohol Service During Private Contracted Events.
Lessee must use Riverside EpiCenter's recommended licensed and insured bartending company to provide alcohol service for all private events. The bartending company must provide a copy of their business license, proof of general liability insurance listing Riverside EpiCenter as the Certificate Holder for a minimum of $1,000,000, and a pouring license for Cobb County accompanied with your event invoice to Riverside EpiCenter BEFORE event load-in. All events with alcohol are required to have at least one Security Detail Officer provided by the Riverside EpiCenter per 100 guests. All state and local alcoholic beverage laws and ordinances must be followed while on the premises. It is unlawful to serve or sell alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21 under any circumstances.

Food must be served (reception or seated) with all alcohol events.
Lessee assumes all risks, responsibilities, and liabilities for the actions of their guests while on or off of the property of the EpiCenter. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted outside of the Riverside EpiCenter this includes parking lots, loadings docks, and/or building exits. The EpiCenter has the authority to remove any person (lessee, guest, or outside vendor) who is not cooperating with the Policies and Procedures. Management at The Riverside EpiCenter will take any needed actions in regard to safety to maintain the reputation and the integrity of this facility.  The Riverside EpiCenter security and the on-duty Cobb County Police Officer will oversee and interpret the conduct of ALL Riverside EpiCenter guests during hours of your event.

Bar Liquor Liability Insurance
In addition to the Certificate of Insurance that is required for the bartending company, it is recommended that the lessee also provides a liquor liability insurance Certificate of Insurance (COI) listing the Riverside EpiCenter as the additional insured for the duration of the event.  Lessee may purchase their own Liability insurance from  https://www.theeventhelper.com/
Food must be provided with all bars through an approved caterer. One Cobb County Police Officer per 100 guests will be provided by the Riverside EpiCenter at an additional charge of $200 for a minimum of 4 hours, $50 per additional hour.  Police officers must be present from the opening of the bar to the close of the event.

Alcohol may only be consumed during the following:
Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 2:00 am; Sat: 8:00am - 2:55 am Sunday. Sunday (with Sunday Sales License) 11 am until 2 am Monday All 21 and up patrons consuming alcohol must provide any of the following Valid forms of identification in order to be served at the event:Any State Driver’s License, Military Identification, Passport, & State-Issued Identification Card

With the exception of service animals, animals are not allowed without prior approval.

Lessee holding events requiring audio/visual set-up must utilize the EpiCenter’s A/V.  Requests for equipment from the Riverside EpiCenter must be pre-arranged and paid for in advance (see payment for additional information).  Riverside EpiCenter is a full-production venue and requires that any and all Audio-Visual equipment and concerns be handled by Riverside EpiCenter Production Team ONLY.  Should there be a requirement of an outside audio-visual vendor, all outside companies must be approved by the Riverside EpiCenter Audio/visual department. Outside companies MUST be licensed and show proof of insurance.  Compatibility to the EpiCenter’s equipment is not guaranteed.  Confirmation with the EpiCenter is required at least 30 days in advance.  Riverside EpiCenter does offer an Audio-Visual buy-out of $10,000.00 per day.

Wi-Fi Use
The Riverside EpiCenter provides a complimentary wireless internet (Wi-Fi) service for its guests.

BEO (Banquet Event Order) Form
Banquet Event Order is the final written agreement outlining food and beverage, audio/visual, room setup, staffing requirements and other event needs.  BEO's must be finalized 14 business days before the event date.  

Final payments are due thirty (30) days before an upcoming event. Events booked within thirty (30) days of the event date require full payment at thethe signing of the contract.

All events are only confirmed with room rental deposit and damage deposit (unless direct billing has been pre-arranged, approved, and been paid).  Payments can be made by credit card, (American Express, Discover, MasterCard & Visa), through a Credit Card Authorization Form or in person.  Payments also may be made by cash, check (personal, business or bank) or money order 30 or more days prior to the event. Less than thirty (30) days prior to the event, no personal or business checks are accepted.

Late Fees
Total unpaid charges will incur a late payment fee of 5% daily. The fee will incur at 12:01 a.m. on the following day of which payment is due upon execution of the revised invoice and must be submitted via Cash, Credit/Debit Card or Certified Check.  

Direct Billing
Direct billing can be established for new commercial accounts following the submittal of the initial deposit pending approval of credit application. All direct billing accounts require an approved credit application to confirm their event (90 days before the event).  Direct billing payments are due within 30 days of the billing date.  A 1.5% late fee will be assessed for every 30 days payment is late. Groups requesting state tax exemptions must submit a copy of their tax-exempt certificate 90 days prior to their scheduled function.  Only payments made by the tax-exempt group are exempt from paying taxes. A Purchase orderis required at least 14 days in advance.

Refundable Damage Deposit
A damage deposit is required and included in the grand total of the contract agreement. The amount of the deposit is dependent on the rental space. This deposit will be used in the event there is damage or loss that occurs during your event. This damage deposit is NOT deemed refundable until the grand total of the event is paid in full. Any cost over the damage deposit will be billed to the lessee at the time of damages. Riverside EpiCenter is not required to provide any type of vendor quote to accompany any and all charges classified as damages on the resulting invoice.

A $100 refundable damage deposit is due in addition to the room rental deposit for any exclusive event in the Bowling Alley, Cave (Arcade), Co-Motion, and Board/Teleconference Room.A $500 refundable damage deposit is due in addition to the room rental deposit for any event in the Ballroom (Grand or separate Jordan/Nile), Theater, and or Atriums (Event or Entertainment). A $1000 minimum refundable damage deposit is due in addition to the Theatre rental deposit but will vary per production needs.

Please note:
The Riverside EpiCenter retains the right to hold your damage deposit until the event space(s) has been inspected by the Riverside EpiCenter personnel.

Additional charges for services or equipment requested on event day that remain unpaid will be deducted from the damage deposit. Additional charges may apply.

If the terms of the contract agreement and/or policies and procedures are violated, Riverside EpiCenter reserves the right to withhold any amount of the damage deposit.

All refunds will be disbursed either by check (to the address listed with the Riverside EpiCenter) or to the credit/debit card account used when payment was rendered.

A load-in inspection and load-out inspection are required to be eligible for return of damage deposit funds. If no load-out inspection is collected, the damage deposit will be withheld.

Box Office
Riverside EpiCenter provides ticketing services. The renter may sell tickets through their own system. A $350.00 non-ticketing fee will be required if the renter uses their own ticketing system. If the renter uses their own ticketing system, the renter is responsible for securing the monies and staffing for box office sales before and during the day of the event.

Cancellation Policy
The commitment of Riverside EpiCenter is to stand by contracted relationships and be available to clients at the requested event time and in the requested event location. The decision to book an event with Riverside EpiCenter eliminates options to book the same event space and event date with other clients. Riverside EpiCenter does not intentionally overbook or oversell event space. As a result, maintaining contracted agreements is critical to sustainability.Just as Riverside EpiCenter is expected to uphold its contracted responsibility, clients are also accountable to contracted obligations. There are occasions, however, when plans need to change for a variety of reasons. When such a need arises, Riverside EpiCenter is flexible in a way that facilitates a win-win for both parties to the contract. Pending the timing of a change request, the contracted items that require modification, and/or the work invested at the time of the request, a modification to the contract may be granted. The policy and change schedule below are intended to provide guidance and preserve the relationship between Riverside EpiCenter and beloved clients. Events that occur over multiple days and/or multiple weeks may require a different arrangement.

Special Fee Considerations:

• Depending on the event type and attendance, a damage/clean-up deposit of up to $2,500 may be assessed to the client
• Event changes/modifications within one hundred and twenty days (120) days of the event start date, not resulting in a cancellation, will be subject to a $250 change fee per occurrence.
• For ticketed events and/or vendor events, Event Fees may include up to 15% of the gross revenue generated by the event (vendors, food, beverages, etc.), a flat fee, or a combination thereof.
• Ticket fee revenue will be negotiated in the contract. If applicable, the fee percentage, along with documentation of all revenue generated by the event will be submitted by the client to CPA within one week from the conclusion of the event or be subject to an additional 6% late fee.
• Operational Support Fees including event staff, custodial, environmental, fire official, and/or law enforcement (public safety/event security) will be based upon the size and scope of the event.

All cancellations require written confirmation to be deemed received.  

The received date will be used as the date of the cancellation.  

The EpiCenter permits a  date changes 6 months prior to the event date. Date Change must be in writing and include the newly proposed date. Date change must be within one year of the original date.  A change fee of $250.00 will accompany any date changes. For multi-day events, you will be charged a change fee for each of the days of your event.

Damage Deposits are only refundable upon cancellation of the contract if all room rental fees have been paid in full.

Effective July 1, 2023,
Lessee is required to use Riverside EpiCenter as the event's full-service, licensed and insured caterer. Riverside EpiCenter defines a full-service caterer as a caterer that is on-site to set up, serve, and break down the food and beverage service. Any and all outside catering must be approved by Riverside EpiCenter and will incur a catering buy-out which will be determined at time of booking, but not to exceed the room rental day rate. Upon approval, all caterers must submit their valid Georgia Business License, Food Service Permit, and a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with the EpiCenter listed as the venue, a minimum of 14 business days prior to load-in via email to the Event Manager.

In lieu of a catering service, clients may provide food from a retail source for a maximum of 50 guests. Food from the retail source must be sealed in the original retail-specific container. Home-prepared food is not allowed at the Riverside EpiCenter. All food and beverage brought in is subject to inspection by the Riverside EpiCenter staff.

Food & Beverage Minimum
Event organizers must meet the designated F&B minimum for the selected venue.

The minimum amounts are as follows:
DCB Theatre:
Grand Ballroom: $2500
Nile Ballroom: $1500
Jordan: $1000
CoMotion: $1000

F&B Minimum Calculation
The F&B minimum is calculated based on the total food and beverage purchases, including taxes and service charges, but excluding any additional fees, such as audiovisual equipment rentals or outside vendor charges.

Application of F&B Minimum
The F&B minimum applies to the combined total of all food and beverage purchases made for the event. This includes catering services, in-house restaurant charges, bar services, and any other F&B-related expenses incurred during the event.Compliance4.1

Meeting the F&B Minimum
Event organizers are required to settle the F&B minimum payment, including any additional charges, in full prior to the start of the event. Failure to meet the minimum requirement and settle the additional amount will result in access restrictions or cancellation of the event.

Customization and Flexibility
The Riverside Epicenter understands that each event is unique, and therefore, some flexibility can be offered in meeting the F&B minimum. Event organizers are encouraged to discuss any specific requirements or modifications to the F&B minimum with the Riverside Epicenter sales team well in advance of the event date.

Catering Equipment Provided
The catering kitchen is available for use based on availability. The catering kitchen is equipped with (2) warming boxes, (1) commercial size refrigerator and (1) commercial size freezer, (1) ice machine and (2) sinks. The Riverside EpiCenter kitchen is used for warming and chilling foods only. Cooking is NOT allowed on site.

Please note: Red-colored beverages such as punch are not allowed in carpeted areas of the building.  

Certificate of Insurance (COI)
A Certificate of Insurance (COI), with a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage listing Riverside EpiCenter, LLC as the additionally insured certificate holder, is required for all events in the DCB Performing Arts Theatre, Grand Ballroom, or events where Riverside EpiCenter otherwise requests a COI. The COI must be received alongside the contract for the event. If an invalid COI is received, the event will be canceled. ALL Certificates are due to Riverside EpiCenter 14 days from executing your contract and/or agreement. If COI is not received, your event will be CANCELED and no refunds will be issued.

Children (17 and under) are not allowed to be unattended in the EpiCenter.  Adult supervision is required for all children at all times.      

Client Behavior and Conduct
Throughout the event, clients are requested to operate in a professional and non-abusive manner to any and all Riverside EpiCenter Staff. Any and all disrespect of the REC event staff and/or production team will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate ending of your event and require exiting the facilities. We encourage a patient, safe, productive, and professional working environment at all times and equally hold our staff to the same standards. Should a client have a disagreement with a team member, said team member is to immediately inform their manager and will NOT exchange in any type of unprofessional behavior with the client.  

Items such as glitter, confetti, streamers, birdseed, natural floral petals (on the floor) and helium balloons are not allowed in the EpiCenter. If clean-up of these or similar items be necessary, a fee equal to the amount of the clean-up, repair, or replacement, but in no event, less than $250 will be added to the final bill. The fee will be determined by Riverside EpiCenter.

The Fire Code and the Fire Department’s office strictly regulate the use of candles in an assembly area such as the Riverside EpiCenter. Any use of candles must receive approval from the Fire Department and meet all Fire Code requirements. The use of candles, (only votive candles in a hurricane lamp and floating candles) requires pre-approval by Event Staff. No open-flame candles will be approved.

Table Sizes and Linen
Table Linen is required in Ballrooms, Theatre, and Conference Center Atrium. Plastic table covers are prohibited. Events located in the CoMotion Room are also required to have table linen with the exception of children's birthday parties.

72" round tables require a 132in -136in table linen
60" round tables require a 120in table linen
8ft rectangle tables require a 90x156in table linen
6ft rectangle tables require a 90x132in table linen

Helium balloons or other inflatable items that could rise to the ceiling are prohibited in the Riverside EpiCenter. Air balloons are permitted for decorations such as balloon arches.

Banners/Hanging Items
The use of tape, wire, staples, tacks, glue, and similar items is prohibited. Absolutely no items may be attached to the Riverside EpiCenter without the Riverside EpiCenter’s written approval.

Event-related banners may be hung only with prior written approval from the Riverside EpiCenter and only by the Riverside EpiCenter personnel. Banners that cannot be hung safely and without causing damage to the EpiCenter will not be approved.  Any outside Banners must be pre-approved at least 30 days in advance and placed/removed day of event by the Riverside EpiCenter personnel.

EPF (Event Planning Form)
The basis for your contract is your EPF which must be completed and returned to us in order to start your contract process with the Riverside EpiCenter personnel.   The EPF will help us to provide pricing and availability for your event and must be returned before the contract can be executed.  

Event Space Setup/Breakdown
The Riverside EpiCenter will set up the initial chairs, tables, and equipment as specified in your BEO (Banquet Event Order Form). Any major event day changes will incur an additional charge. The Riverside EpiCenter provides a certain kind of tables and chairs for each room up to the capacity of the room booked. Any additional items or upgrades can be rented from the EpiCenter for an additional fee. Please note, any rentals from outside vendors are to be set up by the client or whomever the client designates to set up. All setups are pre-approved by the lessee.  The Riverside EpiCenter does not permit the lessee or members of their party to move or rearrange the furniture.  All tables, booths, equipment must remain in their preset/pre-approved positions. Lessee will be responsible for all damage to furnishings that occur during the event.

The lessee's contracted time block includes the load-in and load-out times. Lessee/event vendors have access to the event space beginning at the contracted start time and must be completely loaded out by the contracted end time (This includes all event guests, staff, vendors, and equipment brought in by the lessee). Any changes to the contracted time block should be updated in an addendum. During the load-in process, the lessee or an approved person by the lessee is required to complete an arrival inspection prior to setup and a departure inspection at the completion of the event. Load-out inspection must be completed for lessee to be eligible to receive return of Damage Deposit.

Event Details and Deadlines
The Lessee is required to provide the Event Manager the tentative run-of-show, script, lighting cues, and AV equipment requests fourteen (14) business days prior to the event.The Lessee is required to give the Event Manager the final confirmed amount of staff requested fourteen (14) business days prior the event. Staff requests include total number of ticket takers, ushers, security guards, stage-hands and AV technicians. Any additional staff needed may be provided at an additional cost to the lessee. Staffing requirements will be at the discretion of the Event Manager. If additional staff is required due to the demand of the event, the additional costs will be charged to the lessee.All large events, (Ballroom/Auditorium), require a walk-through visit for final confirmation. Your final confirmation will include all details for the EpiCenter to use for setting up your event.  This visit should include any and all vendors that you have contracted for your event.  During this visit the EpiCenter personnel will confirm all of your previous details and create a floor plan from which the EpiCenter will set up your event.  This visit is requested at least fourteen (14) days in advance.

Force Majeure
In the event the EpiCenter becomes unavailable as a result of fire, flood or other unforeseen conditions beyond the control of the Riverside EpiCenter, the EpiCenter shall notify the lessee as soon as possible and shall keep the lessee advised as to the feasibility of utilizing the contracted space for the date reserved. In the event the EpiCenter cannot be made available on the contracted date as the result of fire, flood or other conditions beyond the control of the Riverside EpiCenter, the liability of the EpiCenter shall be limited to refund of all deposits and payments made to the EpiCenter to date.  The EpiCenter shall NOT BE held liable in any such event for any consequential damages sought by caterers, musicians, other vendors or other persons or entities operating independently of the Riverside EpiCenter.

You shall defend, indemnify, and hold the Riverside EpiCenter harmless from all losses, costs and expenses arising out of any liability or claim of liability, for injury to persons, or damages to property claimed to have been sustained by reason of any act or omission of you or any of your officers, agents, employees, guests, patrons, or invitees, and you shall pay and be liable for any injury to persons and damage to property of the Riverside EpiCenter, or loss or theft of such property, done or caused by such persons.        

Misuse of Center
The Riverside EpiCenter retains exclusive rights to approve any performance, exposition or entertainment which, may be offensive to public morals, create a hazard to the public or the EpiCenter or fails to substantially meet the advertising claims or violates events, content, restrictions originally agreed upon by the parties. The Riverside EpiCenter may immediately cancel this contract and remove Lessee and their invitee or patrons and close the premises.                                                                                                                 Misuse of the facility, unruly or illegal behavior, failure to observe posted signage, and/or the failure to obey any portion of the provisions contained in this document or your rental contract constitute a breach of contract and may result in actions against the renter including, but not limited to, cancellation of the rental period, immediate dismissal/removal from the facility, forfeiture of a portion or all of the deposit or other funds already paid, additional fees or charges, and legal action.                                                                                

All entertainers, including bands, disc jockeys, or other entertainment are required to notify EpiCenter staff thirty (30) days prior to the event of any equipment type, electrical set-up, and requested delivery schedule. The EpiCenter will not provide equipment or any set-up of equipment for bands or DJs, such as microphones, electrical tape, and stages. It is the responsibility of the band or DJ to use floor protection approved by the EpiCenter under their equipment during load-in, performance, and load-out. All load-in and load-out must be done through the EpiCenter loading dock. The EpiCenter reserves the right to prohibit any equipment requiring more power than the standard electrical outlet provides or any equipment that the EpiCenter believes is inappropriate. DJs are limited to 2 speakers, 1 microphone, 2 turntables, and 4 channel mixers.In the event that multiple functions are being held at the EpiCenter at any one time, music and entertainment shall be offered in a manner that causes no interference with other users simultaneously using the EpiCenter.  At no time shall noise from music or entertainment provided by renter spill onto or is audible from outside the EpiCenter.

Overtime Rate
An hourly charge of $600.00 PLUS LABOR OVERTIME will be added to the final bill for every hour or portion thereof after the normal rental rate hours (see rental fees for details). ALL FINAL OVERTIME CHARGES WILL BE CHARGED TO THE CARD ON FILE AT THE END OF THE EVENT.      

All Lessee guests, agents, invitees, and vendors must park in designated parking areas in the Riverside EpiCenter parking lot.  Parking is completely free.  All fire lanes must remain open. Lessee or their agents may not use the reserved space or parking area of the Riverside EpiCenter to sleep or lodge animals. Overnight parking of motor homes, travels trailers, and campers is prohibited.                    

The Riverside EpiCenter reserves the right to take photographs of rental events for its own records and for advertising & promotional use in the future.

Posters and signs are to be mounted on easels or other individual displays approved in advance by EpiCenter personnel and may not be affixed in any way to Riverside EpiCenter surfaces including leaning on wall surfaces.  No items may be affixed to any wood or glass surfaces at any time.  

Returned Checks
If a lessee check is returned to the Riverside EpiCenter due to insufficient funds, we must add a $37 service charge which is the bank fee and our administrative service fee.  This charge will be added to your balance due and must be paid prior to your event.  

Room Rental Deposit to Secure Space
A room rental deposit to secure space is required to confirm all events (unless direct billing has been approved).  The Riverside EpiCenter reserves space up to 2 years in advance.  The Room Rental fee varies based on your rental space, time, and day of the week.  Please contact the Riverside EpiCenter personnel for the actual room rental fee amount required for your event. The Room Rental Deposit is non-refundable.  See Room Rental Fee and Room Rental Deposit Cancellation Policy for details.

The Riverside EpiCenter is a privately owned and operated venue. It is a facility requirement that either an off-duty Cobb County Police Officer(s), (CCPO) or one of our own security personnel provide the event security at the Riverside EpiCenter.

CCPO Personnel is mandatory for events at which alcoholic beverages are provided and where event attendance is over 100.  Lessee will pay the fee per officer, per hour, determined by the Riverside EpiCenter and stated in their BEO/contract.  The officer(s) will begin duty as soon as alcohol is served and will stay a 1-hour pass after alcohol service is finished. It is a required practice that one officer is required PER 100-125 guests.  Riverside EpiCenter will bill police officers according to the estimated guest count provided by the client.  Your guest count also includes any and all staffing, models, actors, dancers, performers, etc. that may participate in your event.  The hourly rate for security can be up to $65.00 per hour PER OFFICER.  This rate stands if booked with the contract.  Should security be purchased less than 30 days before the event, the hourly rate is increased to $85.00 per hour unless approved by the management of Riverside EpiCenter.

If in the sole judgment of the Riverside EpiCenter, additional security is needed to maintain order due to the size or nature of your event, the Riverside EpiCenter will be happy to arrange additional CCPO or one of our own security personnel at an extra expense to the event. The security fee is to be paid by the lessee 30 days prior to the event, and failure to pay the fee by this deadline may result in the cancellation of your event. If security needs to adjust during the event Riverside EpiCenter will charge the client’s damage deposit on file to settle the charges.  If charges are more than the damage deposit, the client is responsible to make any and all additional payments before any tickets sales, and/or partnership funds be released.By entering or leaving the Riverside EpiCenter, all persons and/or vehicles consent to a physical search.  All persons carrying briefcases, purses, packages, or any other objects or items consent to inspection while on the premises.

Shipping and Receiving
Packages will be accepted 24 hours prior to your event.  We have the right to limit the number of packages received and are not responsible for any damages/losses that may occur.  Please mark all boxes clearly and label as follows:  

Riverside EpiCenter
135 Riverside Parkway
Austell, GA 30168.  

Hold For (Contact Name) and Group Name-Arrival Date

The Riverside EpiCenter does not provide storage. All decorations, props, rented furniture, and personal belongings must be removed at the end of an event.

Special arrangements must be made in advance for any shipments arriving more than 24 hours prior to your event.  Return shipping for all items will be your responsibility.  Merchandise must be picked up within 24 hours of the completion of your event.  The Riverside EpiCenter does not have forklifts or equipment to unload equipment from delivery trucks.  

The use of tobacco products is not allowed in any part of the EpiCenter. Smoking is only allowed outside of the main and Bronner Center/Conference Center entrances, and no other location.

Staff Assistance
Riverside EpiCenter personnel are present throughout your event.  Please do not hesitate to contact them with any questions/ problems. The EpiCenter personnel will be in charge of the EpiCenter during your rental and will enforce the policies and procedures, as stated in the contract.

Ticket Sales
The privilege and right to sell tickets for events held at Riverside EpiCenter is extended ONLY to those who have successfully contracted their events with Riverside EpiCenter and our sales team.  The commencement of selling tickets BEFORE contract and deposit is a strict violation of these policies and procedures and such an offense is considered grounds for event denial and canceling of all selling platforms being used to sell any tickets for the uncontracted events.                                                              

Valet Parking
This service can be provided by the Riverside EpiCenter for an additional fee.  Please contact the EpiCenter for details.

Lessee may use any rental company, florist, photographer/ videographer, and/or entertainment.  All outside companies must be licensed and show proof of insurance.  It is the responsibility of the lessee to provide a copy of the policies and procedures/contract with these hired vendors to ensure they are familiar with the EpiCenter rules.  If the damage is caused or rules are broken by the hired staff, the lessee will be responsible, and charges will be deducted from the lessee damage deposit and any additional fees will be billed and due the following business day.                                        

Vendors Tables
Vendor/Sponsor/Exhibit tables require additional costs. Vendors may begin set up at the beginning of contracted event rental time. Vendors must set up prior to the start of the event. Tables are limited so please show up on time or contact our Vendor Coordinator to ensure that your (paid table) is reserved for you. Table reservation is on a first come first serve basis. Due to the size of vendors we are not able to ensure “product exclusivity” however, we will honor those companies that have as written policies “no duplicate representative” allowed at the same event at the same time. In this case, we will honor those vendors that pay the vendor table fee first.  

By signing this and/or the rental contract, I am agreeing that I will honor each of the Policies & Procedures. If I fail to do so, I understand that I will forfeit a portion or all of my Event Charges and/or Damage Deposit.  If any or all of my deposit is withheld, the amount will be determined at the discretion of the Riverside EpiCenter Associates and General Manager.  Also, I understand that I am ultimately responsible for the actions of any agent working on my behalf, any guests invited on my behalf, and any other party in attendance at my event.

This document is updated and/or modified at the sole discretion of Riverside EpiCenter, LLC.