Launch of Riverside EpiCenter's Food Truck Village

November 22, 2021
Shekima Champagnie

The Austell Community Raves About The New Food Truck Village At The Riverside EpiCenter

From the flavorful taste of street tacos to the spice of creole and mardi gras dancing on your taste buds to the zesty taste of ginger in your vegan cuisine, The Food Truck Village at the Riverside EpiCenter is the place to be for your lunchtime desires. The Riverside EpiCenter in the beautiful city of Austell, Georgia never gets tired of finding new, fun, and exciting ways to serve their community. The new Food Truck Village is now the one stop spot to fulfill all of your taste bud fantasies with the various styles of cuisines to fill you up. Located in the parking lot of the Riverside EpiCenter, The Food Truck Village is now open every Friday and Saturday from noon to 8PM.

With not too many options for food in the Austell community, the Riverside EpiCenter has decided to spice things up for not only your taste buds, but for small businesses. Every week, different food truck restaurants from around the Metro-Atlanta area get to showcase their magic in front of the Riverside EpiCenter, which is your staple for food, fun, and fitness.

Food Truck Spotlights
Superior Vegan Cuisine

Superior Vegan is a super organic vegan company. Everything is homemade and natural. All of their healthy drinks are made with ginger, which has health benefits ranging from pain relief to regulating your digestion. For all the vegan lovers, you can try their “voxtails” which is their vegan oxtails to give your taste buds a tasty surprise.

You can follow them on Instagram @superior_vegan and check out their website

You can find them right here at the Riverside EpiCenter every Friday and Saturday in the Food Truck Village.

Omni Flavas

Omni Flavas, formerly known as Teriyaki Me Out is a food truck that has three unique menus. From tacos to teriyaki bowls to burgers and fries, Omni flavas has it all. Their thoughtful and creative menu will have you dancing through the streets of Atlanta as their satisfying dishes are seasoned and cooked to perfection.

You can follow them on Instagram @omniflavas and you can check out their website

Make sure to catch them at the Food Truck Village at the Riverside EpiCenter.

Creole Orleans Catering

The tasteful merge of flavors of Haitian cuisine and New Orleans style has got the streets of Atlanta talking. Creole Orleans is a restaurant that started off as a catering company and got their first food truck during the pandemic. Because of their amazing dishes filled with soul and spice, they were able to land a spot in the Greenbriar Mall food court in Atlanta. People are raving about their fall off the bone oxtails, creamy baked mac & cheese, and glory filled eggrolls. This family owned business has hit the ground running with success for two years now. They have even blown people away with how amazing their special salad dressing is with its secret family recipe. You can count on us when we say that you will not be disappointed with Creole Orleans. You can follow them on Instagram @creole_orleans_catering and check out their website

Experience them at the Food Truck Village on your next visit.

The Austell community has been truly delighted by the launch of the Food Truck Village. One of the community members stated, “The food trucks at the Riverside EpiCenter were awesome. It made our lunch needs super easy and quick with great customer service and I will definitely come back again.”

Get excited about your next lunch break or dinner and get to the Riverside EpiCenter every Friday and Saturday from noon to 8 PM to start your weekend off with a blast. Do you want to have your food truck featured at the Food Truck Village?

Visit to sign up! You can also visit the site weekly to see which trucks will be onsite each weekend! You'll have yet another reason to tell people why “EPIC Happens Here” at the Riverside EpiCenter!

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